Armatura utilizes the newest generation of palm recognition technology, which reaches a new height of the industry by verifying images of palm and palm print. Palm image can be extracted by simply capturing the hands in front of camera for automatic recognition.
Armatura’s face recognition technology is highly efficient with deep learning and computer vision algorithm for secure, flexible and dependable applications. The technology enables quick and automatic recognition of human faces, users no longer need to stand steadily in front of camera. Upon passing through the specific area, they are recognized automatically.
With the Armatura’s applications and software which enable mobile access with BLE & NFC & QR Code, users are able to use their smartphones as the RFID card to obtain access rights on Armatura's or 3rd-party access control device for identity authentication anywhere anytime.
<h3><p>Touchless Palm Recognition</p><h3> <h3><p>Touchless Palm Recognition</p><h3> <h3><p>Touchless Palm Recognition</p><h3>
<h3><p>Face Recognition</p><h3> <h3><p>Face Recognition</p><h3> <h3><p>Face Recognition</p><h3>
<h3><p>Mobile Credential Technology</p><h3><h3><p>Mobile Credential Technology</p><h3><h3><p>Mobile Credential Technology</p><h3>


Mobile Credential Solution
The Armatura Mobile Credential Solution enables smart devices like smartphones, smart watches, tablet as credential for convenient access, without needing physical cards anymore.Multiple functions such as Card Mode, Remote Mode, and QR code Mode gives users the ability to choose the best option to optimize their access control experience.
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Feb 23, 2023
Armatura Algorithm ranks 11th Globally by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in USA
Armatura announced today with its independently developed algorithm a ranking of 11th in the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) report, released by the USA National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on 2nd February 2023.
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