Armatura Launches Innovations in Saudi Arabia

Release Time: 2023-09-03 11:56:10 Views: 2079

A series of innovations by Armatura was showcased on 27th August 2023 in Saudi Arabia. The Grand Launch was a collaboration by Armatura and its esteemed local partner – Advance International Company for Communication and Information Technology (AICTEC), which was graced by more than 100 guests including senior officials from the Government and experts in the industry, highlighting the wide-ranging appeal and application of Armatura’s solutions.

The event featured a welcoming speech by Mr. Saud Mohammed Abdullah Al Shuraim, CEO of AICTEC, which set the stage for an evening of discovery and interaction. The speech was followed by the introduction of Armatura’s solutions and insights of the innovations by Raymond So, Marketing Director of Armatura Global.

“We are extremely confident about our venture into the Saudi Arabian security market, as we see significant demand for advanced security solutions in the region. Our innovations target the markets of medium to large-scale projects, as we believe they present the greatest opportunities for growth and impact. Our products have been meticulously developed to meet the specific needs of our discerning customers. We understand the importance of compliance and have obtained internationally recognised standards such as GDPR and ISO. These standards not only validate the quality and security of our products but also assure our clients that we adhere to the highest standards in data protection and information security,” said Raymond So. He also gave a demonstration on stage with product displays and clips of application for the guests to experience first-hand practical application and effectiveness of our products.

The launch of Armatura’s innovations was a delightful success, with a large number of clients attracted to the demonstration setup. Armatura’s team engaged in detailed discussions with the guests about Armatura solutions, deepening the understanding of the product's capabilities among the attendees. The launch received overwhelming positive feedback with Armatura’s high physical and cyber security standards, the openness of solutions, the convenience of mobile credentials solutions, and the advanced biometric solutions left a lasting impression on all the clients.

Such events solidify Armatura’s commitment to innovation, emphasizing its mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions that address the most pressing security needs of the diverse clients.

Armatura is grateful for the continued support of partners, stakeholders, and clients. The successful completion of this launch event marks another significant milestone in our journey, and we look forward to continuing the mission of providing unparalleled security solutions.