AHDU Series
IP-Based Biometric Door Unit
• Ultimate Authentication Performance
• PoE and 3rd Party Integration
• Threat Levels and Port Failover
• Advanced Access Control Functions
• Supervised and Programmable Inputs

Primary Power
PoE 802.3at/af / 9 - 24 VDC ± 20%, 550 mA maximum (reader current not included)
Primary Host Communication
Ethernet: 100Base-TX
256bit AES* symmetric encryption for Controller to Server and Inter-Controller communications
Secondary Host Communication
BLE 5.2
Third Host Communication
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11ac 5GHz , or 2.4GHz/5GHz IEEE 802.11n
256bit AES* symmetric encryption for Controller to Server and Inter-Controller communications
Ethernet network connection
Port 1:Ethernet: 100Base-TX
Port 2: Ethernet: 100Base-TX
(Configurable for Port Failover) 
RS-485 connection
Port 1: Armatura RS-485 / OSDP V2.2
Port 2: Armatura RS-485 / OSDP V2.2
Port 3: Armatura RS-485 / OSDP V2.2
(Configurable for Port Redundancy dedicated on port 2 & 3)
Number of Ports
4-state supervision, resistor values (5% tolerance),
Normally open contact: use 1.2k, 2.2k. 4.7k or 10k/
Normally closed contact: use 1.2k, 2.2k. 4.7k or 10k/
Dedicated Panel Tamper IO Input*
Dedicated Microchip Control Fire Alarm IO Input & REX Input for catastrophic situation
4 relay,
4* Form-C with dry contacts
Normally Open Contact Rating 
5A @ 30Vdc resistive
Normally Closed Contact Rating
5A @ 30Vdc resistive
On-Board Monitor
Size: 2.4", Resolution: 320*240, TFT Monitor
Quickly view status of board, connected doors and for configuration information display
On-Board Webserver
Webserver for System Configuration and Management
Dashboard for Controller Status Monitoring,
Device Connection Status Monitoring & Configuration, Performance Status,
server Primary Controller Setting, Network Status Monitoring & Setting,
IP Access Filter, SSL / TLS Certificates Setting,
Access Log Export, Controller Reset, Debug Status Monitoring,
Operation Log Monitoring, User Management,
Date & Time Setting, Daylight Saving Time Setting,
NTP server Setting, General Status, Controller Information
RFID Card Capacity
400,000 (1:N) / 800,000 (1:1) 
Maximum RFID Card Number Length 
Supports up to 512bits card number length
Mobile Credential Capacity
400,000 (1:N) (Bluetooth)
400,000 (1:N) (NFC)
400,000 (1:N) (Dynamic QR Code)
Fingerprint Capacity
50,000 (1:N) / 100,000 (1:1)
Face Capacity
5,000 (1:N) / 100,000 (1:1)
Palm Capacity
3,000 (1:N) / 5,000 (1:1)
Transaction Buffer
300,000 Events
Access Level
100,000 Levels
On-Board Access Point Control
4 access point on board
On-Board Reader Support
3 (OSDP over RS-485) or 4 (Wiegand) with on-board IO
Maximum Access Points
Maximum Readers
Maximum Inputs
384 (using Armatura AHEB-1602)
Maximum Outputs
385 (using Armatura AHEB-0216)
Maximum IO Board
24pcs (3*High Speed RS-485 communication) 

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