Armatura AMT-PVR-10 Palm Authentication Module Powers Tashkent Metro's Biometric Fare Payment System

Release Time: 2024-05-11 19:10:08 Views: 1422

10th May 2024 – Armatura, a leading provider of cutting-edge biometric solutions, is proud to announce the successful launch of the AMT-PVR-10 Palm Authentication Module, which powers the groundbreaking Palm ID biometric fare payment system recently implemented by the Tashkent Metro in Uzbekistan. This state-of-the-art technology revolutionizes the way passengers access and pay for public transportation, offering unprecedented convenience, security, and efficiency.


Developed in collaboration with the Tashkent Metro, the state single integrator Uzinfocom, and the payment system operator for public transport, ATTO, the Palm ID system marks a significant milestone in the evolution of fare payment systems. Passengers are enabled to enjoy a seamless and contactless identification and payment process, leveraging the unique vein patterns in their palms for precise biometric recognition.


The Armatura AMT-PVR-10 Palm Recognition Module is the key component of this groundbreaking system. Encased in an innovative palm reader enclosure, the module incorporates a single-lens Near-Infrared (NIR) light camera, enabling the collection of grayscale palm images that capture palm prints and subcutaneous palm vein patterns with exceptional accuracy.


To utilize this cutting-edge technology, passengers simply need to register and link their transport cards to their palm profiles. Once registered, the payment and identification process becomes effortless through the use of a contactless scanner that reads the unique vein patterns of the palm. This advanced solution ensures a high level of security, protecting users' personal data and funds.


"We are proud to have our AMT-PVR-10 Palm Recognition Module powering the innovative Palm ID biometric fare payment system in collaboration with the Tashkent Metro," said Raymond So, Marketing Director of Armatura. "This advanced technology not only enhances the efficiency and convenience of fare payment systems but also sets a new standard in secure and user-friendly transportation experiences."


The introduction of the Palm ID biometric fare payment system showcases Armatura's commitment to delivering cutting-edge biometric solutions that revolutionize various industries. By combining advanced palm recognition technology with seamless payment processes, Armatura contributes to the development of smart and sustainable urban transportation networks worldwide.


Armatura remains dedicated to pioneering biometric solutions that elevate the quality of transportation services while ensuring convenience, security, and innovation for people. The successful implementation of the Palm ID system marks another milestone in our mission to transform the future of transportation through advanced biometric technologies.