BioCloud is a powerful biometric cloud-based user authentication service used by subscribers to gain access to their software applications.

It can replace or enhance traditional username/passwords and RFID badges which are easily hacked & forgotten, which results in time consuming accidental lockouts and decreased productivity.

BioCloud quickly & accurately verifies the identity of its enrolled subscribers’ face and/or palm biometric template by combining advanced artificial intelligence with machine learning.

Subscribers can conveniently enroll & authenticate from a variety of devices including mobile phone, computer, or any data collection device which has access to the Internet.

Since users have nothing to remember nor carry (passwords, badges, etc.), BioCloud improves productivity by preventing accidental lockouts.

The BioCloud Software-as-a Service (SaaS) platform is also ideal for software application developers. The BioCloud RESTful API service allows software developers whose respective applications depend upon fast-matching & accurate user authentication to connect to BioCloud. Prior to the software developers’ subscribers gaining access to their respective application, the subscriber’s identify must first be verified by the BioCloud service. 

BioCloud prevents unauthorized access to software developers’ applications, thereby increasing security and trust amongst other application users and the community. Software applications benefiting from the enhanced security & convenience of biometric authentication include time & attendance, door access control, visitor management, healthcare patient check-in, payment processing, and many more.

BioCloud is an essential first line of defense for any end-user or software application developer. For one low monthly price, BioCloud ensures ONLY authorized subscribers can log into their respective software applications. And because BioCloud is SaaS-based, customers benefit from zero CAPEX expense, zero installation or associated NetOps costs, and are assured of real-time updates and service availability.

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