Armatura is a leading global developer and supplier of safety & security solutions which incorporate the latest advancements in biometric hardware & software. Armatura holds numerous patents in the field of facial and palm recognition authentication technology.

Its products are primarily used in business applications which require extremely accurate and fast-matching user authentication.

Founded in the “The Silicon Valley of the South” (Atlanta, GA USA), Armatura is a leading global developer and supplier of safety & security solutions which incorporate the latest advancements in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and biometric hardware & software. The company mission is to help create a safer and more trustworthy world by ensuring the identity of everyone we’re connected with.

Armatura Products are designed in the U.S. & India, and manufactured in Thailand.

Biometric Modules & Readers

Armatura’s touchless multi-biometric camera modules “power” customer devices which depend upon fast-matching accurate user-authentication (i.e., time clocks, door access controllers, turnstiles, intercoms, medical cabinets, etc.).  Armatura touchless face & palm recognition readers “power” customer computer applications including FinTech (financial technology). Single-sign-on (SSO) applications have gained tremendous popularity in the healthcare industry, where palm recognition readers are used to validate a patient’s identity and reduce paperwork during the patient check-in process.

Physical Access Control Hardware

Armatura’s patent-pending Cronus is the world’s first and only pedestrian turnstile with integrated metal detection and access control.   Our competitors’ walkthrough metal detectors can only merely “beep” or light an LED when detecting metal. Conversely, the Cronus turnstile can be pre-programmed by users to remain LOCKED SHUT and prevent pedestrians from entering if the person doesn’t have valid access credentials and/or is detected carrying concealed dangerous metal objects.

Armatura also designs a line of IP68 IK10 outdoor-rated multi-class access control readers. A single Armatura device can read over 100 RFID formats while supporting numerous credentials including Bluetooth certificates, QR codes and even touchless biometrics (inc. face & palm recognition).

Along with readers, Armatura also designs access control panels with the unique ability to store & match face & palm templates on the panel, itself. This eliminates the time & material (T&M) experience installers would normally incur by needing to run network cable to each and every door requiring biometric security. Conversely with Armatura access control panels, the installer can normally use the existing wiring used with the existing keypad/card reader.

Cloud-based Software Applications

Armatura’s Atlas360 hybrid cloud technology uniquely provides SECURITY, PRIVACY and CONVENIENCE on a single platform. With Atlas360, only the management console (not the customer data) exists in the cloud. The console provides security administrators fast & simple remote control of their access control system from the convenience of their phone or any networked computer. Meanwhile, the customer’s access control data resides safely protected inside the customer’s network. Armatura has no access to our customers’ data. Atlas360 assures customers maintain total data privacy.


All Armatura products are manufactured in its 35,000 sq ft factory located in Thailand.  The factory currently employs 90 workers who operate 2 SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly lines, 5 Lean Lines, 2 Yamaha high-speed placement machines, 1 solder paste inspection (SPI) department, and a 3D AOI (automated optical inspection) department.

R&D and IP

All Armatura research & development (R&D) is located in the U.S. and India.  And all Armatura intellectual property (IP) including patents & trademarks is listed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 

Preparedness & Commitment

The U.S. and several other countries have announced multi-trillion-dollar investments in infrastructure improvements. Armatura is well positioned, prepared and committed to participate in these global projects by helping our customers effectively leverage our patented technology. Armatura patented multi-modal technology, based on machine learning and AI, allows our customers to help better safeguard the health, safety & security of their customers around the world in both the public and private sectors.


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